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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Time To Blog

Life has been so hectic lately! Between sicknesses, surgeries, school and everything in between, there seems to be no time for blogging. So this will be a get-you-up-to-date blog.

Since January, I've had 3 major sinus infections.  This current one is going into it's third week.  I guess I can blame it on our very mild winter!

Mom's surgery for cancer on her kidney was completed 2 weeks ago.  This was after the first one had to be postponed because her platelets and blood counts have been crazy.  She is slowly getting over the surgery but we are still dealing with the blood problems.  We are headed to a dr. in Birmingham this week to see if he can offer some insight.

Blake turned 12 yesterday.  We have been busy the past several months with JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz).  This was his last year and his team made it to regionals!  I'm very proud of him but I'm also happy that it's over!  That's one less thing that we have to do.

Of course, now that we don't have to be at church early for JBQ practice, Josh has decided to join the youth band at church.  What does that mean?  Well, to me, it means having to be at church early again!

I have been sick but was still able to get the garden in.  We have adopted 22 new baby chicks and Doug is actively building them a new coop.  He is also building a deck for the back of the house.

Did I tell you that we have been busy??  All in all, life is good, God is good and continues to bless us daily.

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