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Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh, To Blog Again

Roma Tomatoes

It has been a while since I have sat down to blog.  In fact, I feel like I rarely have time to sit down and do anything!  I will take a few minutes to tell you what has been going on.

A lot of my mornings are spent in the garden.  It looks like I will have a bumper crop this year!  Everything looks really healthy and is growing well.  You can see a picture of my Roma tomatoes at the top.  I have already begun picking yellow squash, blueberries and blackberries.  I have a few tomatoes that are starting to turn pink too.  It is so exciting to watch things grow!  If I could, I would post pictures of all of my baby vegetables for you to see but I am sure you would not be as excited over them as I am.

My husband and oldest son have kept me busy the last two weeks sewing "period correct" costumes for them.  They are both members of FCF (Frontiersman Camping Fellowship).  This is where grown men dress up in garb from the 1800's.  Personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to do this but they enjoy it.  I finally finished all of their requests and sent them packing on an FCF camping trip.

We added a new member of the family last Sunday.  A friend brought over a half chihuahua/ half poodle puppy.  He is all of 1.06 lbs (note - not 1.6 but 1.06).  I know his exact weight because of our emergency run to the vet Tuesday morning.  But let me back up a little.  I had decided not to get another dog yet because I am still struggling with the death of Prancer.  Cissy brought this little pup over with the understanding they would take him home if we didn't want him.  Well, I didn't particulary want him, even though he's a doll, but Doug and the boys were already in love so he stayed.  Monday morning I took him outside and he immediately went to sniff of our downspout.  As soon as he reached his nose up, a wasp flew out and stung him on the back.  The poor baby cried and rolled on the ground.  He didn't know what had happened to him.  Tuesday morning he decided to wake up at 4 a.m. and not go back to sleep.  Josh finally got up around 6 and I handed the dog over to him so I could take a shower.  As soon as I headed to my room I heard the puppy cry and Josh yelling for his Dad!  The pup had jumped out of Josh's arms and landed on the concrete porch. Doug checked him out and decided he probably had a broken leg.  So, off the the vet we go!  He stayed at the vet all day.  They originally told me he had a broken humorous and would be in a splint and bed rest for 6 weeks!  By the end of the day they had decided he was not broken at all but had a dislocated shoulder and would not need a splint.  He would have to be kept in a kennel for 2 weeks and only allowed out to go potty.

Now, it's Thursday and "Scrappy (Doo)" is getting along well.  He is such a well-behaved little dog considering he is locked away in his kennel.  He whines to tell me he needs to go out and he quickly does his business.  He loves to chew on my hair every chance he gets and wags when spoken to.  He cries for a few minutes when I put him back in his kennel but then he settles down and is quiet for hours.  It's amazing!

Last night Blake had a friend over to spend the night.  He went home around 2.  Now, all is quiet in the house....just the clicking of the keyboard.  I am trying to decide what to do next.  Do I take advantage of the quiet house and take a nap, sit down to all of the paperwork that I need to do, or go back and work in the garden again.... I guess I will have to decide soon.

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  1. What a cute little guy! And the tomatoes are looking great - glad to see your hard work is starting to provide "the rewards". It must be so exciting and comforting - sometimes I wish I had a garden. But then working 8 hours a day, it would be hard to tend.

    Dee (anne's sis)