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Friday, April 25, 2014

So Easy, Even Your Husband Can Do It!

Laundry is one of those chores that fall solely on me.  My husband is a super smart guy but a bewildered look crosses his face when I even mention the idea of him putting on a load of laundry.  But now, I have the solution!  Purex NO SORT!

Now, Purex No Sort is not a miracle worker.  If you have new, brightly colored clothes you do not want to put them in with your whites but once they have been washed a few times separately you should not have the bad color bleeding accidents like before.  Purex No Sort has a dye transfer inhibitor that traps dyes so they will not settle on other fabrics.

Purex brand sent me a free sample to try out so here is the before pics:

I added a little red, blue, green, yellow, light gray, etc to this load.  Normally, I would not wash these together.  And, this is what I got: 

No bleeding stains at all!  I like the idea of no more sorting!  I do believe my husband and kids can do this!!

I have a couple of free coupons to give away if you would like to let your husband try laundry duty!  Email me at  3 winners will be drawn.

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