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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gold Medal of Achievement

Everyone has heard of Boy Scouts and earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  Few have heard of Royal Rangers and the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA).

Royal Rangers is a scouting/mentoring program for boys through the Assemblies of God churches.  The boys earn badges and medals much like Boy Scouts.  They camp and hike and learn to tie knots. They are taught first aid skills and survival skills.  An emphasis is placed on serving others rather than being served.

The Gold Medal of Achievement is the highest honor a boy can achieve in Royal Rangers.  It is the RR equivalent of the Eagle Scout. Why am I telling you about it?  Because, my son, Josh, has earned his GMA at the age of 14! We are actively planning his ceremony that will take place on November 17.

I am so proud of Josh and all of his accomplishments.  He has worked very hard to complete all of his requirements.  Most boys that earn their GMA are 16 or older.

Josh will now become a Junior Leader in our local Royal Ranger chapter.  He has also joined Boy Scouts and is working towards his Eagle Scout.

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