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Monday, January 28, 2013

Daydreams and Canned Beets...

January 2013 is quickly coming to an end.  I am amazed at how time seems to fly by.  I see it as I watch my boys that once toddled around the room now tower over me and will soon be asking for the keys to the car. I cannot slow down time so I am trying to learn to enjoy the quick moments that I have.  If I do not, I will soon look back in a mirror of regret.

Today I am enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather.  The house windows are open and the chickens are free to scratch around the yard to their heart's content.  We must enjoy it quickly because the warm weather is ushering in severe storms which will then give way to cold temperatures again.  Right now, the warmth makes me long for the garden.

The seed companies have already begun their battle with my willpower.  Every year I promise myself I will only plant a small garden with items that we truly need but every year the seed companies lure me in with the promise of a huge yield of some new vegetable that I must try.  I will practice restraint though.  My seed box runneth over.

My daydreams must wait.  The problem of the moment is what to cook for dinner!  I had planned on cleaning out the pantry during the month of February and boycotting any and all supermarkets during that time but I believe I will start early.  I have canned goods that I need to clear out and frozen fruits and veggies that need to be eaten to make way for this summer's crops.

For some reason, I have an abundance of canned beets?!  I learned last year that I like beets fresh from the garden but I have yet to try any from a can.  I guess I will leave my blog in search of a good recipe to try for dinner.  Any suggestions?

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