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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eating...on a Budget

Are you paying attention to food prices?  I mean, really paying attention?  I am amazed and a little frightened every time I go to the grocery store.

Last year, we purchased a side of beef from a local farm and we purchased 80 lbs of chicken breasts.  We have just about come to the end of our stock and now I am wondering how I will buy meat for our family.  Why is ground beef now over $4/lb?!  Well, I know the reason.  I guess I am wondering if or when it will change.

I have clipped coupons for the past couple of years...which is one of the reasons I started this blog.  Thanks to certain tv programs, couponing has changed!  Now, it is not even worth buying the Sunday paper.  There are not enough coupons that I use to make it worthwhile.

So, what to do?  I have started serving more meatless meals at home.  With 3 men in the house, this is not always a welcome alternative!  I have also started incorporating meat into the meal so that it is not the "main dish".  This is easily done in things like fried rice.  Another option is adding more beans to your menu.  Personally, I love all bean soups.  It is what I grew up on so I have no problem eating beans every week.

Right now I am scouring the Kroger add for good deals and luckily, it's a good week.


  1. It has gotten so expensive to buy meat! We are definitely a meat house too. See if there is a place to buy bulk in your area. I don't have a deep freezer yet because I am still in an apartment (house hunting now!), but I have heard good things about Zaycon.

  2. I do buy from Zaycon and I highly recommend them. Their chicken breasts are our favorites! When I get my 40 lb box I freeze some whole, slice some into chicken strips, and I have started grinding the rest for chicken burgers.