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My blog has morphed over the years into different things. It is a place to learn about saving money, product reviews, cooking, gardening, and homesteading. It can take you to whatever has my attention at the moment and then back to the day to day. I hope you will learn something here and come back often.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A New Year- A New Blog

     I know that it is already February but it's still a new year, right?  I think about my blog often and wish I had time to sit down and write.  I have a lot that I would like to share with you but I do not have a lot of time.  

     I thought that maybe I should change the name of the blog because my focus is no longer coupons and such but as I pondered it, I realized that almost everything I do is to save money.  Yes, the way I go about it has changed, but the goal has not.  I think now it has become more of a way of life than just a hobby.

    So, the blog will go on as Saving My 2 Cents but the content will change some.  I want to share more about how we live.  Things like.... canning.... our animals... our garden. 

    There will still be some grocery hints and coupons thrown in.  In fact, I have a great product that I am trying now that I will be sharing with you later so keep an eye out.

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