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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Trip to Kroger

Today I took a little trip to Kroger.  There were a few things that we needed and a few coupons that needed to be used by the end of the month.  If you are looking at ways to save money on groceries it is really not hard to do.

Kroger has had leg quarters on sale for the past couple of months. For $5.90 (the cost of one value meal at McD's) you can get 10 pounds of chicken (leg quarters).  That is $.59/lb for meat!!  You are not going to find much better than that!  How many meals can you make out of 10 lbs of chicken?  I can think of lots! And here's what I do:  Cook the first meal...whether it's baking, grilling or broiling.  Next, debone the leftover and have chicken salad or use the chicken in another recipe.  Lastly, boil the bones for chicken broth.  If you don't want to can it, freeze it in 2 cup containers.  When it is just frozen, remove from containers and put them in freezer bags.  This way the broth is premeasured!  When a recipe calls for 2 cups of chicken broth, grab out one block.

Anyone need toothpaste??  Kroger has Crest on sale for $1.00.  This is the large 6.4 oz tube.  I had a couple of $.50 off coupons which they double so they were free.  I also have a whole stack of $.75 off coupons.  So for $.25 we will be in toothpaste for a while.

Deodorant?  Kroger has Speed Stick on sale for $88.  I had a couple of coupons for $.50 off, which again, they double, so it's free.  I don't really like Speed Stick (or Lady Speed Stick) but it's good for the boys.

On this trip I also got free Dove soap, Free Smart Ones meal,  2 free yellow rice and free coffee.  With very little effort I got a lot of free or almost free stuff. 

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