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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cooking Day

Today will not be a shopping day. Everything is frozen! I worry about our poor little chickens. There is ice covering the whole coop. They are protected by the tarps and they have plenty of fresh hay to play in. I know not to expect many eggs this week! I will be so happy when SPRING is here (so will the chickens)!
Since I am stuck at home today and probably tomorrow, I will be planning our meals for the week and doing as much prep work as I can. My goal is to begin slowly cleaning out the freezer to get rid of last year's food so nothing goes to waste. I will be doing a quick inventory of the freezer and pantry to see what kind of healthy combinations I can come up with.
Come back a little later in the day and I will let you know our menu for the week. I will also let you in on the prep work I'm doing to make life easier later on. Feel free to join in on the cooking or give me suggestions based on the items I list. If you are doing your cooking today too, tell me what you are preparing.
Keep warm today! Take a little time out to spend with those that are in your home today.

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