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My blog has morphed over the years into different things. It is a place to learn about saving money, product reviews, cooking, gardening, and homesteading. It can take you to whatever has my attention at the moment and then back to the day to day. I hope you will learn something here and come back often.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First One

Ok, so this is my first blog! I've been thinking about starting one for a while but today I decided to do it.

Why? Well, I really wanted a place to share all of the cool ways I have been saving grocery money for our family. It has been such a fun learning experience for me but my husband gets tired of me telling him about all of my deals. Now he is excited about it but, you know, he just doesn't want to hear all of the details. That's where you come in. I can tell you everything I am learning and you can read or not read as much as you want!

So, I hope this is a good experience for each of us. Come back and read about my great deals this past week!

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