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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coupon Crazy!

I have to tell you about some of the great deals I got this week. I guess I should back up and explain that my family (husband, 2 boys and myself) started off this new year by agreeing to start a healthy way of life. We are eating better and exercising. We also have decided that we will only eat out once a month! I have a goal of spending only $400 per month on groceries. Now don't freak out on me! This is just a random number because I have NO idea how much I normally spend on groceries in a month. I also have no idea if eating healthier will cost more or less than what were normally spending. So there you go, breath. I'm not married to that $400 number, it is just a starting point.

Ok, so back to my deals this past week... I LOVE shopping at Walgreen's. You can get some of the absolute best deals there. This week they had Nyquil on sale for $5 and if you purchase $20 or more you get $10 back in register rewards (spends like cash on your next visit). So, I purchased 4 of them for $20 and I used 4 $2 off coupons. So, it was like getting 4 bottles for $2 but that's not all! I had 2 coupons for a free box of Puffs if you buy 2 Vick's products (Vick's Nyquil) so I got those free! So far, that's about $24 worth of products for $2.

The next Walgreen's deal was from Olay Regenerist. The facial cleaner is $7.50. I bought 2 for $15 plus I used 2 $1 off coupons for a total of $13. I came home and completed a mail in rebate for $15 so I will actually make $2 on this one. That makes my entire purchase today free! Bottom line - $39 worth of products free.

My grocery store of choice is Kroger. This week and last they had Birds Eye Steamers (veggies) on sale for $1. I purchased 20 ($.35 off) coupons on Ebay for $1.25. You do need to know that Kroger will only double the first 8 coupons so you will need to make multiple purchases or bring along a friend. I ended up with $20 worth of veggies for $6! The best part is the veggies are really good and work well with our new healthy lifestyle!

It is now Sunday evening and time to sit down with all of the new coupons and sale papers and see how this week should be mapped out. I will let you know as soon as I find the best deals!

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  1. Love your deals. I have heard of women doing the coupon deals and saving money. I know of one girl that had a ton of coupons one day and when the cashier finished scanning all her coupons the store owed the girl money....Crazy! I hear it really works if you have the time to organize it all. Good luck...I know you will do well!