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Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Way to Save $$$

I hope all of these little tidbits are helping someone!  These are little ways that you can save money and they all ad up!

I think I have told you about this before but I want to tell you again about EBATES.  I just got $56 deposited directly into my paypal account from ebates.  All you do is sign up, check to see if the store you are purchasing from has an ebates discount, click the link, and then place the order as usual!  It is really simple.

You can receive cash back on purchased from almost anywhere....even EBAY.  So why not get a couple of dollars back on your purchases?

If you need glasses, check out Coastal Contacts via Ebates.  I ordered by glasses through this and got a BOGO free deal through Coastal Contacts and then 16% cash back through EBATES.

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