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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Challenge Confession

The "Buy No Groceries Until April" challenge was my idea right?  Yeah, I know it was and I have stuck to it...until today or maybe tomorrow.  I have cleaned several things out of the freezer and pantry during this challenge and we have not suffered for it.  There is still plenty of food left without searching very far.  The problem is the sales. 

Oh, the sales!  How do you pass up ham for $.77/lb?  This is when I stock up not stop buying!  So ok, I confess, I will be purchasing hams during this Easter season.  We could also really use some fresh fruit but everything else is still off-limits unless I can get it free with a coupon.  Deal?  Deal!

By the way, I picked my first salad greens from my little earth boxes yesterday.  I have prepped the soil and I am planning on planting my herb garden tomorrow.  My neighbor is coming by Friday or Saturday to disc up the big garden and then I'll be ready to go full steam ahead!

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