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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saving Today

The height of frustration is spending all morning poring over sales papers, organizing coupons, and making lists then driving 15 minutes to the grocery store only to find that you left your coupons at home!! I guess this is why you don’t shop when you are sick.

The only reason I was getting out of the house today is because I have not really cooked all week. We have been out of bread for 2 days and the milk is running low again. I thought I could drag myself out of bed long enough to provide some type of food for my family. Boy was I wrong!

I stood in the middle of the Kroger parking lot weighing my options. I could go in the store and just buy the items we need with no coupons. I could drive back home and pick up my coupons and drive back…it’s only 30 minutes out of my life. The final option was to drive home and stay home and try again another day. I chose the first option. I decided I could buy the necessities and things that I was planning on purchasing that did not use coupons anyway.

My purchase total was $49.68. My savings for this trip was $17.11. Not too bad with NO coupons. I bought some of the whole grain bread that was on sale for $1. I headed to the meats that they were marking down as I watched. I bought ground chuck for dinner tonight, chicken breasts to throw in the rotisserie and a 4 lb. box of frozen catfish (product of the USA!).

I did not find a lot of great coupon deals at Kroger this week but this is what I planned on purchasing: Betty Crocker frosting and cookie mixes- $.50 and $.70 each and Green Giant Steamers $.78 each.

Here’s a buy from Walgreens:

Tylenol PM $2.99
Stack with $1.50/1 coupon from the Walgreens March Coupon Book
Free plus $0.50 in overage


Simply Sleep $2.99
Stack with $1.50/1 coupon from the Walgreens March Coupon Book

Free plus $0.50 in overage

Here is a helpful hint about printing coupons online.  Once you have printed a coupon 1 time, hit the BACK button on your browser THREE times.  Most of the time you will be able to print the same coupon twice.

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