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Monday, April 12, 2010


Prancer Kave
11/1/03  -  4/12/10


  1. Shelly:

    I am Anne's Sister Dee and as a Dog Owner and Dog Lover, I truly know and understand that with this loss goes a piece of your heart. We lost our beloved Sheltie about a year and half ago.

    Only Dog Owners and Lovers can understand true unconditional love! Sorry for your loss.

  2. Dear Friend,
    Just now receiving this news about Prancer and I am so sorry. Prancer was always willing to play with me and the boys when we visited your house. I remember the first time I saw Prancer at your house too because "so little", but "so big" in your family's heart. Tell Josh and Blake that Gavin and Garrett send their sympathies, too.
    Prancer is playing in doggie heaven with Joey now (my sister's sheltie).
    Hope to see you soon. ~ Anne ~

  3. Thanks everyone. It has been a rough week but we are getting better, I think.