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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupons Organized Now?

The last blog told you about the many ways to organize your coupons. Today let's talk about organizing your coupons within each section...this is what I am doing today. You can see in the picture that I am about half way finished.
I told you I have my coupon box broken down into sections such as breakfast, cleaners, frozen, etc. Last night I went through each section and pulled out any expired coupons. There were a lot that expired on 1/31/10. I went ahead and filed all of my new coupons in the correct place. Today I will go through and organize each section.
I will begin by gathering all of the coupons from the first section (we will use Beverages as an example). Next, I will group all of the like items. If I have 2 or more coupons that are exactly the same I will staple them together. If I have different coupons or different value coupons but they are all for the same brand, like Coke, I will paperclip those together. Once I have everything grouped for that section, I will refile and move on the to the next section.
Keeping everything organized takes a little bit of time up front but it will save lots of time and frustration when you are at the store.

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